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Couples Therapy

"Conflict is growth trying to happen”

Individuals often unconsciously seek a partner who will trigger early unresolved thoughts and feelings in them.  Thus relationships, although at times a source of great conflict, hold the potential for huge growth and healing.  Couples can find it tough and painful to navigate these complex processes, so it may be helpful to have a skilled facilitator alongside. 

 My approach to working with coupleMMy approach to working with couples is based mainly on Transactional Analysis (TA), and is informed by the writings of Harville Hendrix (the founder of Imago Couples Therapy, and quoted above).

Most motivated couples experience a significant improvement in their relationship within 12 sessions, although it is sometimes necessary for one or both partners to also undertake some Individual Therapy in order to progress within the Couples Therapy. 

I welcome both heterosexual and same-sex couples for Couples Therapy.

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