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Group Therapy

Group Therapy can be a very different experience to Individual Therapy.  Not only will I as the Therapist be interacting with you, but there may be up to 5 other people in the room also interacting with you.  This can feel incredibly supportive, and can also be challenging at times.  

Some time may be spent with an individual Group member sharing an issue they would like to work on; with other members providing feedback and/or a safe environment for new behaviours to be practised. 

Time may also be spent discussing and resolving issues arising between members of the Group.  This is a powerful aspect of Group Therapy, as issues that arise often symbolise members' unresolved childhood issues; and thus their resolution within the safe environment of the Therapy Group can be profoundly healing. 

Group Therapy may be most appropriate when the issues you are experiencing involve relationships and/or communication.  It can also be a means of accessing Therapy and intensive support when Individual Therapy is not affordable.

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