If you would like to discuss whether therapy may be helpful for you please feel free to contact me using the contact button or details below.

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I will be running the following 1-day workshops during 2018 as interest demands.  Up to 8 places will be available on each occasion, and the cost per attendee is £60.  Please email or phone me if you are interested in attending.

"Finding Your Voice"

Many people are of the opinion that they can't sing or are 'tone deaf'.  In my experience there are very few people who, given the right support, are unable to produce a pleasant sound.  This workshop focuses on enabling participants to access their own potential natural singing voice.  Please note that this is not a technical singing course; whilst some time is spent on breathing and general technique, the main emphasis is on noticing how each individual unconsciously blocks their voice, and supporting the release of these blockages. 

"Exploring the Unconscious Through Dreams and Visualisation"

Our unconscious contains a wealth of information regarding our fears, desires and beliefs, which when accessed provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the potential to live a happier, more authentic life.  This workshop makes use of the imagery and metaphor within dreams and guided visualisation as a vehicle for participants to explore their unconscious processes.    


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